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Mexican Chocolate Fudge Sauce

Cooks In

Less than 15 minutes

Cristina Tosi of Milk Bar fame is a genius when it comes to all things sweet and this recipe is based on her fudge sauce but using Cool Chile Co Mexican Chocolate. The gentle spicing of the cinnamon and almonds makes it just a little bit different. Try this on ice cream, pancakes or cakes, it is all good.


  1. Measure the Mexican Chocolate, cocoa powder and the salt into a heat proof bowl. In a small saucepan measure in the glucose, cream and sugar, bring to the boil. As soon as it boils pour it into the bowl with the chocolate. Beat with a whisk until melted and glossy for about 4 minutes. Use straight away or it can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for a couple of weeks.
  2. To use from cold, give it a couple of short blasts in the microwave stirring in between until just warm.