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Papas con Hauncaina or Potatoes with Huancaina


Serves 4

Cooks In

30 minutes



Huancayo is a place in Peru that this sauce originates from.


The sauce really depends of the feta, which ideally will be a salty and tangy variety, if possible get a barrel aged feta cheese. 

Put all the ingredients except the potatoes in a blender and blend until very smooth, scrape out into a bowl and cover. Let the flavours develop for an hour at least or you can refrigerate and use the next day. When it is time to use, it is best room temperature, thin with milk so it is pourable and has a texture a little thicker than double cream.

Pre heat oven to 180oC, put on a baking sheet and toss in a little oil, bake in the oven until golden and tasty (about 18 minutes from cold). Top with the Huancaina sauce, hardboiled egg, black olives and snipped chives.

For huancaina made with Jacobs crackers, add 3 crackers with 50ml more milk, then thin as needed.