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Sipping Tequila Blanco with Mexico City style Sangrita


8 x 40ml serves

Cooks In

less than 10 minutes



Ah, the joys of sipping a good tequila blanco! you get to look at the legs running down the glass, smell the aromas and taste the nuances of distilled, cooked agave, there is nothing like it and it brings you right back to Mexico. Sipping tequila also means you get to avoid the sugar used in margaritas which after a few, is more likely to give you a headache than the unadulterated tequila does. To serve with sipping tequila is a palate cleanser and teaser called Sangrita, there are many styles of sangrita and this one is from Mexico City, where tomato juice is added to the mix. Serve well chilled with sipping tequila, to drink, take sips between sips of tequila, the salt, lime and kick of chilli compliment the flavours of the tequila very nicely. Make a green version with Alain Milliat Green Zebra Tomato. Juice


  1. Mix in a jug or bottle and chill, serve in separate glasses with your chosen tequila.