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Aguamiel Bacanora 70cl
Aguamiel Bacanora 70cl

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Aguamiel Bacanora 70cl

The production of Bacanora has its very own denomination of origin meaning that it can only be distilled in the state of Sonora.It is made from the agave family Angustifolia and its species Pacifica, also known as agave Yaquiana which prefers high altitudes and dry climates. The Pacifica agave takes approx. 7 years to grow and the methods used for making the spirit are similar to that of mezcal. The result is a complex spirit with less smoke than a Mezcal and an earthy, pepperiness on the finish.

Aguamiel translates as ‘Honey-Water’ which refers to the agave sap. 


Aroma: light fennel and herbs

Palate: background anise with a silky texture, lasting sweetness from ripe agaves, herbal and woody notes

Maestro: Jorge Rivas

Interesting fact:

Agave: 100% Agave Pacifica (Angustifolia)

Region: Suaqui Grande, Sonora

Oven type: earthen pit

Extraction method: customer made grinder


Still type: steel and copy pots, double distilled

ABV: 41%