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Alipus San Miguel Olla De Barro Mezcal
Alipus San Miguel Olla De Barro Mezcal
Alipus San Miguel Olla De Barro Mezcal

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Alipus San Miguel Olla De Barro Mezcal


Aroma: fruit, grass and spice

Palate: charred cinnamon with notes of pumpkin and chestnuts, the clay pots giving it a great buttery mouthfeel, allow it to sit in your glass to open up tropical fruit flavours and warm spices

Good for: sipping, special occasions

Interesting fact: Olla de Barro means clay pot, referring to the type of still it is distilled in. As a brand Alipús was born in 1999 as an alternative project, backed by Los Danzantes Distillery, with the idea of mapping Oaxaca through the different expressions of its mezcales, which are differentiated from each other by the conditions where it is produced, its soil, the water, and the climate of each one

Agave: an ensemble of espadin and arroqueno

Region: Sola de Vega, Oaxaca

Oven type: roasted in a conical stone oven

Extraction method: horse-driven Chilean tahona

Fermentation: natural fermentation in pinewood natural tubs

Still type: clay pots

ABV: 48.4%

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