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Chilli Sowing Kit with Free Fall-Out Chilli Seeds
Chilli Sowing Kit with Free Fall-Out Chilli Seeds

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Chilli Sowing Kit with Free Fall-Out Chilli Seeds

This starter kit is designed to get you going with sowing chillies 2022! Fall-Out Chilli seeds are included for free.

As you can imagine we have lots of chilli seeds that fall out of our dried chillies, especially from the seedier chillies we have. So we save these seeds by type, as we have discovered that they will germinate. However, these seeds are not designed for sowing, so the germination rate will be erratic, which is why we will send out quite a few seeds, just sow the lot and see what happens, it is worth a go!

February - March are the months for sowing chilli seeds, they need a long growing season to ripen, so the earlier the better. Here is a link to the RHS website for growing instructions.

  • What's Inside

    1 litre of peat-free compost

    3 packets of free fall-out  chilli seeds, 2g of each: guajillo, cascabel, arbol

    6 pots and 6 wooden label sticks


    all in a paper bag

    Disclaimer: these seeds are not commercially produced for sowing, therefore germination will be erratic, please accept the spirit in which these are being offered

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