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Corn Tortilla Press
Corn Tortilla Press
Corn Tortilla Press
Corn Tortilla Press

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Corn Tortilla Press

Making your own corn tortillas is very satisfying, from mixing the dough with masa harina and water maybe with a little pinch of salt until it is soft and pliable, to the aroma of cooking toasted tortillas on a hot comal or skillet. 

A tortilla press will press your dough into even circles for cooking. The size and thickness of your tortillas are dependent on the amount of dough you use and the pressure applied to the handle, but be careful as too much pressure will break your handle! This is why we advise you never to use anything but soft dough made from masa harina. Wheat tortillas need to be rolled out with a thin rolling pin as the gluten in the flour causes spring back and you need to press too hard.

You MUST use two sheets of plastic film on either plate when pressing out tortillas otherwise the tortilla will stick to the plates. See the leaflet enclosed with your press.

  • Cast iron
  • 175mm diameter press, for making tortillas of up to 150mm. 
  • Comes with an instruction leaflet.
  • Price includes VAT of 20%

* These tortilla presses are rustic! the silver finish is not permanent, it is a protective layer for rust, there could be rough patches and bits of rust, they have come a long way! Give them a good scrub, dry with a cloth and buff with a little cooking oil if necessary, they can last you years with proper care.