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Del Maguey Minero Mezcal
Del Maguey Minero Mezcal
Del Maguey Minero Mezcal

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Del Maguey Minero Mezcal

NOM: 041X

Aroma: light, floral, citrus, ripe fruit, whiff of smoke

Palate: soft, elegant, agave, ripe fruit, burnt honey, candied citrus with perfumed smoky finish

Good for: sipping, special occasions

Interesting fact: Del Maguey, Single Village Mezcal was founded in 1995 by internationally renowned artist and Mezcal visionary, Ron Cooper. Ron introduced the world to previously unavailable 100% certified organic, artisanal Mezcal produced the original handcrafted way.

Agave: 8-12 year old Espadín

Region: Santa Catarina Minas, Oaxaca

Oven type: stone underground pit, fired by mesquite, eucalyptus, huamuchil

Extraction method: by hand, with large wooden mallets

Fermentation: 15-25 days in 1400l vats

Still type: very unusual clay pot with bamboo piping

ABV: 49%


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