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Derrumbes Durango 70cl
Derrumbes Durango 70cl

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Derrumbes Durango 70cl


Rakhal: 'Cherry jam! Big black cherry notes with this batch, also very floral. The other reviewer nailed it with the honeysuckle note. Also asparagus, gunpowder, and white pepper. Very nice.'

NOM: F283D

Aroma:  leather, dry dusty pepper, straw, floral

Palate: dry, yet sweet notes of melon/cucumber, brambles, black cherries, vanilla, also clay and a bit of funk, touch of smoke with a leather and spice finish, nice balance between sweet dark fruit flavours and minerality.

Maestro Mezcalero: Uriel Simental

Interesting fact: Derrumbes means 'landslides' and their mezcales showcase the incredible biodiversity of the Mexican terroir.

Maguey (Agave): Cenizo (a. durangensis)

Region: Nombre de Dios, Durango

Oven type: underground, stone-lined pit

Extraction method: by hand with a mallet and axe

Fermentation: underground in wood and clay vats

Still type: hybrid wood and copper pot

Resting time: aged in glass, joven

ABV: 45%

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