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Derrumbes Mezcal Michoacan 70cl
Derrumbes Mezcal Michoacan 70cl
Derrumbes Mezcal Michoacan 70cl

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Derrumbes Mezcal Michoacan 70cl

Derrumbes Michoacan is made with wild maguey Cupreata, which brings mature fruit aromas, and wild maguey Alto, which brings more herbal notes.

MezcalReviews, Jonny:

'Lot 1. Bottle 294/1440. Very leathery on the nose with a rush of pepper on the first taste. The pepper doesn’t overpower the mezcal and it fades into a buttery vegetal sweetness that stays long in the mouth. This is a very unique mezcal, even for those that come from Michoacan. I highly recommend giving this a try.'

NOM: F283D

Aroma: floral, ripe fruit, banana, lime, dry

Palate: floral, lavender, liquorice, tropical fruit, buttery, complex, balanced

Maestro Mezcalero: Guadalupe Perez

Interesting fact: inaequidens means “uneven teeth,” which is applicable to this agave as the teeth of the pencas are uneven and jagged

Maguey (Agave): papalote / alto (a. cupreata / a. inaequidens)

Region: Tzitzio, Michoacan

Oven type: underground stone pit, using black oak

Extraction method: shredder

Fermentation: in underground tanks lined with pine, adding herbal character

Still type: Phillipino method, which predates copper-pot distillation. This technique requires the body of the still to be made from wood, with the alcohol vapours condensed by a copper pot full of water that sits at the top of the trunk. This process adds to the unique character of Derrumbes Michoacan

Ageing: matured in glass

ABV: 45%

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