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Don Fulano Tequila Blanco Fuerte 70cl
Don Fulano Tequila Blanco Fuerte 70cl

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Don Fulano Tequila Blanco Fuerte 70cl

Don Fulano Fuerte is the strongest tequila in the range at 50% ABV. Only the exclusive blending process, using the dual stills at La Tequileña distillery, can make this unique Blanco so rich and smooth. It is ideal when enjoyed neat as a sipping tequila but also stands up superbly well in cocktails.

Tequila MatchMaker Rating: 88

Erica Boorom: 'The aroma of the 80 proof blanco comes through here with stronger notes of earth and fruits. The agave still remains the centrepiece though. The mouthfeel is even more oily with more vibrant cooked agave and baking spices. The finish has a long pleasant heat, much like other high proofs. This is a delight to drink.'

Remy Newland: 'Nose: Olives, smoke, cellar mustiness, and black pepper. Flavour: Spicy and oily. Liquorice, cinnamon, roasted nuts and some subtle herbal notes. Wonderful caramelized, sweet agave. Balanced and nuanced finish. The 100 proof packs a pleasant punch."

 NOM: 1146

Aroma: cooked agave, black pepper, alcohol, citrus, olive, cinnamon, earth

Palate: cooked agave, black pepper, alcohol, cinnamon, citrus, olive, savoury green herbs - long peppery, spicy and minty finish 

Comment: Powerfully flavoured with a good mix of sweet agave fruit and savoury herbal notes. It’s a classic white sipping Tequila, but the extra strength makes it a must-have for cocktails, where you want the agave flavour to shine through.

Maestro Tequilero: 

Interesting fact: The mission at Don Fulano has always been to produce exceptional tequila. They employ a truly unique dual distillation process; an old-style double column still and also a traditional copper pot still, using heat to eliminate any unwanted alcohols. The two distillates are then blended. Anywhere between 12-16% of the distillate comes from the column still, this process is used exclusively by Don Fulano and allows them to consistently create tequilas of the highest quality.

Region: agaves are from Los Altos, grown by the Fonseca family who supply many of the tequila producers throughout the highlands - they grow and harvest only premium blue agave.

Age of agave when harvested:

Water Source: deep well water, volcanic

Oven type: autoclave low pressure

Extraction method: screw mill, roller mill

Fermentation: 100% agave, stainless steel tanks, open-air fermentation, fermentation without fibres, fermentation with fibres

Still type: copper pot and column

Ageing: rested in stainless steel

ABV: 50% distilled at or near proof

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