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El Tarasco Charanda Rum- Extra Aged 70cl
El Tarasco Charanda Rum- Extra Aged 70cl
El Tarasco Charanda Rum- Extra Aged 70cl

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El Tarasco Charanda Rum- Extra Aged 70cl

Charanda - 'Mexico has a rich history of making rum from sugarcane, dating back to when the Spanish first brought the plant to the country in the early 1500s. Charanda is the only sugarcane distillate with an official protected denomination of origin (DO), joining other established spirit designations like mezcal, tequila, bacanora and sotol when the appellation was established in 2003. The expressive, terroir-driven rum can only be produced from fresh sugarcane juice, molasses or piloncillo (cane juice that is preserved via boiling, evaporation and caramelization), and it can only be made in 16 of 113 municipalities in Michoacán. The region is known specifically for this soil; the people who lived in the Tarascan state during pre-Columbian times (roughly where Michoacán and parts of Jalisco and Guanajuato stand today) called the dense, nutrient-rich earth charanda, a word that translates from the Purépecha language to mean “red soil” in English. Charanda is also the name of one of the country’s most intriguing native spirits, a cane distillate that’s been made in the region for more than a century.'

- Emma Jensen, Imbibe, Oct 1st 2019

El Tarasco Gran Reserva Extra Aged Charanda

El Tarasco Rum special edition Gran Reserva Extra Aged is the result of a blend of barrels with ages of 12 and 18 months that the Master Blender selects to obtain an artisanal rum matured at its best.

Appellation of Origin: Charanda

Sommelier Notes

  • Colour: Dark mahogany.
  • Aroma: Reminiscent of dates, peaches in syrup, and nuts
  • Palate: Harmonious balance between sweetness and acidity. Subtle and elegant palate, rich but with a dry finish.

Please note, due to current restrictions, this product cannot be shipped to the following countries:

  • Ireland

  • Serving Suggestion

    El Tarasco Gran Reserva Anejo is ideal for sipping but also works a treat in the cocktail Devil's Knee. 


    • Reduction wine 120 ml
    • El Tarasco Gran Reserva extra aged 45 ml
    • Juice of 1/2 lemon 

    Red Wine Reduction 

    • Red wine 2 litres
    • Hibiscus 500 grams 
    • Sugar 100 grams
    • Clove 3 pieces
    • Anise 5 stars

    Add all ingredients in a saucepan and boil for 5 minutes. The consistency must be between liquid and syrup.


    • In an old fashioned glass, add red wine reduction and El Tarasco Gran Rerseva Extra aged, stir well.
    • Fill glass with ice, juice of a half lemon and stir again.
    • Garnish with caramelized hibiscus flowers and a lemon wedge

    Serve immediately