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Espresso BEANS - Mexican Coffee
Espresso BEANS - Mexican Coffee

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Espresso BEANS - Mexican Coffee

Espresso by the Mexican Coffee People Co. Strength 5/5. 

Offers a wonderfully rounded, full bodied and remarkably soft/sweet espresso.

Maeggie Rodriguez and her son Jorge Gallardo produce 100% Arabica beans from the slopes of the active Tocana volcano which is situated on the southern border of Chiapas, neighbouring Guatemala. Finca Muxbal, sits at an altitude between 1400-1600m and was founded by Maeggie’s father Don Enrique in 1959. Muxbal translates from the local Mame dialect to “in the clouds”.

The family has always followed an ethos of respecting the natural environment and the families that work with them to produce their specialty grade coffee which is confirmed by the Rainforest Alliance certification they hold.