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Flavours of Mexico Gift Box
Flavours of Mexico Gift Box
Flavours of Mexico Gift Box
Flavours of Mexico Gift Box
Flavours of Mexico Gift Box
Flavours of Mexico Gift Box
Flavours of Mexico Gift Box

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Flavours of Mexico Gift Box

Five iconic flavours when it comes to Mexican cooking—plus, it could work out very well for you if they decide to cook you a meal to say thank you...

Mexican culinary building blocks, essential ingredients for many Mexican recipes. 

All packed in a smart white box (colour may vary) with a red ribbon. 

  • What's Inside


    Chile Ancho is a mild, sweet-tasting variety of a dried ripened poblano chilli.

    Wrinkly-skinned ancho chillies are the most commonly used dried chilli in México with a fruity, earthy flavour that’s indispensable whether you’re making salsas or traditional sauces and stews like mole and carne con chile.


    Chile Guajillo is a mild to medium hot dried chilli.

    Smooth-skinned guajillo chilli is one of the workhouse spices of Mexican cooking (along with the ancho chilli) and has a bright, tangy flavour that benefits from toasting.


    Wrinkly-skinned pasilla chillies have a rich but tangy flavour that pairs well with red meat and mushrooms.


    Mexican Oregano is an aromatic and spicy cut leaf dried herb.

    Native to México, this distinctive herb is related to verbena and has a citrus flavour that is very different from Mediterranean oregano.


    Chile Chipotle is a medium–hot, smoke-dried jalapeño chilli. Our powder is made from ground whole chipotle chillies.

    Small, thick-fleshed chipotle chillies are one of the most popular and well-known Mexican chillies, with a unique smokiness that works particularly well with anything slow-cooked.

    **All packed in a smart box with kraft paper and a red ribbon**