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Fortaleza Tequila Reposado
Fortaleza Tequila Reposado
Fortaleza Tequila Reposado

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Fortaleza Tequila Reposado

NOM: 1493

Aroma: citrus, caramel, butter, cooked agave, sage

Palate: cooked agave, citrus, vanilla, apple, earth, cinnamon, the finish is long and rich, delicately spicy with an oily texture

Good for: sipping, from a wine glass to enjoy all the nuances of the aromas

Interesting fact: a old family distillery that was sold, but the grandson has recently bought it and has up and running again, making tequila in the same way it was made over 100 years ago – with a small brick oven to cook the agave, a tahona to squeeze the juices out of the agave, wood tanks for fermentation, and the 2 original copper pots for distillation.

Packaging: handblown glass bottle and hand made cork stopper in the shape of the piña.

Region: lowlands - Tequila, Jalisco

Age of agave when harvested: 8 years

Oven type: brick

Extraction method: Tahona wheel

Still type: copper - pot

Rested: 7 months in reclaimed American oak barrels

ABV: 40%

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