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Heirloom White Corn Masa Harina 1kg - Masienda
Heirloom White Corn Masa Harina 1kg - Masienda
Heirloom White Corn Masa Harina 1kg - Masienda
Heirloom White Corn Masa Harina 1kg - Masienda
Heirloom White Corn Masa Harina 1kg - Masienda

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Heirloom White Corn Masa Harina 1kg - Masienda

Masienda sources heirloom, non-GMO corn from a network of small farming communities across Mexico to make Heirloom White Corn Masa Harina.

Genetic diversity and regenerative farming practices produce the most delicious flavour and texture. It is also better for our health, the community and the planet. Masienda works with restaurants and tortillerias that are part of the Third Wave Masa movement, which brings corn back to its flavourful origins.

There’s so much to love about White Olotillo, which comes from the coastal region of Oaxaca. Its versatility makes the perfect Heirloom White Corn Masa Harina. 

Farmer Partner Spotlight: As with most of the growers throughout this tropical region, Don Pedro Álvarez rotates his crops after every growing cycle across mountainous land. The slopes of these milpas (cultivated fields) make mechanisation impossible and aggregation particularly time-intensive to complete.

Starch Density: medium

Tasting Notes: buttery popcorn

Masa: workable texture and pale gold colour

Applications: perfect for making not just tortillas but also other favourites like tostadas, tamales, pupusas, arepas and more

  • Product Origin

  • Ingredients

    nixtamalized white corn flour, lime.

  • Nutritional Information

    Per 100 grams: Energy 323Kcal/1351kJ / Fats: 3.3g (of which saturated: 0.0g) / Carbohydrates: 63.3g (of which sugar: 2g) / Protein: 10g 

  • Storage and Preparation

    1kg of dry masa harina makes approximately 84 x 15cm tortillas.

    1kg Chef Grade Masa Harina to 1.4kg warm water (e.g. 100g:140g)

    1. Slowly add water to dry masa harina in a large bowl stirring to incorporate evenly by hand (or use a standup mixer with a paddle or hook attachment).

    2. Knead or mix until the water is evenly incorporated and no dry or powdery spots remain. Add salt. spices and seasonings to taste (optional), evenly incorporated throughout the finished masa. 

    If making tortillas, you want a finished masa that is moist to the touch, but not tacky (you don't want bits of sticky masa left on your finger). Once prepared, used immediately, or rehydrate with additional water before use (even if only waiting several minutes before use).

  • Allergy Advice

    As Cool Chile is not the manufacturer of this product we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided on our site (e.g. ingredients, nutritional information, etc). Manufacturers regularly change recipes and therefore we always recommend that you always check the actual label of the product before consuming.