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Huitlacoche Endotzi 220g
Huitlacoche Endotzi 220g
Huitlacoche Endotzi 220g

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Huitlacoche Endotzi 220g

Huitlacoche is also known as "Aztec caviar" or "Mexican truffles". It is an edible fungus that grows on corn during the rainy season. It is a delicacy that dates back to the time of the Aztecs and is still eaten in many dishes today. Huitlacoche has a delicate flavour with a hint of corn.

  • Serving Suggestion

    It's savory, sweet, earthy flavor means it's great in quesadillas, with scrambled eggs or as a topping for tostadas. It is also often used in tamales.

  • Ingredients

    Corn mushrooms, vegetable oil, iodized salt, onion. 

  • Storage and Preparation

    Once opened, refrigerate and use within 1 week.

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