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Ibiza Coffee 100% Ground Arabica 250g tin
Ibiza Coffee 100% Ground Arabica 250g tin

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Ibiza Coffee 100% Ground Arabica 250g tin

IBIZA COFFEES is an authentic, artisan factory on the island of Ibiza. The Tur family have been selecting the best, fresh coffee beans from around the world and then roasting, blending, grinding and packaging on Ibiza since 1958. The coffee is roasted weekly and is always supplied fresh.

Ibiza 100% pure Arabica ground coffee is a blend of Arabica beans including:

  • Columbian Supremo
  • Brazilian Sul de Minas 
  • Costa Rica Terrazu for a clean rich taste

Great for espressos

  • Really Cool Chile Fact

    Ibiza COFFEE is an authentic, artisan coffee, blended, roasted and ground on the island of Ibiza since 1958. Many generations of local Spanish as well as visitors - particularly English visitors - have fallen in love with the smooth, chocolaty taste of this coffee and are deeply loyal to the brand. By popular demand, it is now available for the first time in the UK.

    The story of Ibiza Coffee reads like a movie script. In the 1950s the economic situation in Ibiza was one of misery and absolute precariousness. The young Vicente Tur decided to emigrate to Venezuela where he fell in love with coffee.

    When Vincente returned to Ibiza he managed to acquire a small coffee roaster which he set up in a cave in the Marina district. But under the dictator Franco the Government controlled all imports so Vicente had to smuggle in contraband green beans. He found a cargo ship that would carry merchandise and sail near the coast of Ibiza. The sacks of beans were picked up at night in fishing boats.

    In 1958 Ibiza Coffee with its distinctive packaging was born. The timing was perfect as Ibiza was about to take off as a destination for hippies and international travellers. Ibiza coffee has been woven into the story of the island ever since. The company is now run by Rosario, granddaughter of Vincente. Production has moved from the cave, but the coffee is still sourced, hand-roasted and blended with the utmost love and care.