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Ibiza Coffee 'Extra' Ground 250g
Ibiza Coffee 'Extra' Ground 250g

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Ibiza Coffee 'Extra' Ground 250g

Ibiza 'Extra' ground coffee is their most well known and loved blend. The blend consists of 3 coffee beans:

  • Columbian Cauca with notes of peach and honey
  • Brazilian Santos for rich rounded flavour with hints of chocolate and nuts
  • Indian Cherry for 'crema'

Suitable for espresso, cafetière, coffee machines

  • Really Cool Chile Fact

    The history of Spain and Mexico is a complicated harsh one, but the exchange of produce between the two countries in the 15th century has changed both Mexican and European cuisine inexplicably.

    From Mexico to Europe was exported chillies, corn, vanilla, squashes, tomatoes and chocolate. The imports to Latin America were fatal diseases, African slaves, Catholicism, the Spanish language, livestock including pigs and chickens, sugar and also…coffee, which became a staple crop In Mexico and Latin American countries.

    In the 1950's the economic situation in Ibiza was one of misery and absolute precariousness. The young Vicente Tur, along with many young Spaniards, decided to emigrate to Latin America where he fell in love with coffee.

    But Vincente did return to Ibiza and he managed to acquire a small coffee roaster. Spain was under the dictatorship of Franco and the Government controlled all imports so Vicente had to smuggle in contraband green beans. He found a cargo ship that would carry merchandise and sail near the coast of Ibiza. The sacks of beans were picked up at night in fishing boats. In those days the women of Ibiza wore traditional long dresses. They would hide the sacks of beans under their skirts and bicycle them to the coffee plant.

    In 1958 Ibiza Coffee with its distinctive packaging was born. The timing was perfect as Ibiza was about to take off as a destination for hippies and international travellers. And so the circle is complete.