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Jicara Drinking Set
Jicara Drinking Set

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Jicara Drinking Set

Jícara means cup in Mexican Spanish and these cups are made from hollowed out fruit of the calabash tree. They are used to hold drinks such as water, juice and mezcal. Their open shape is perfect for sipping mezcal, allowing the strong fumes to dissipate and the mezcal to open up.  These jicaras are self standing and come with a little jug. They are robust but may crack if dropped. They need to be rinsed without soap and dried throughly after each use, even so after so many mezcales there will be wear and tear, they are after all a compostable cup!

Before use, soak in hot water for 5 minutes then give a gentle scrub inside and out, dry upside down allowing air to get inside. We do not recommend putting them in a dishwasher, nor using soap on them.

2 'cups' with a jug, sizes and colours vary. 

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