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La Venenosa Puntas Raicilla
La Venenosa Puntas Raicilla

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La Venenosa Puntas Raicilla


Aroma: floral notes with vanilla and warm spices

Palate: funky with notes of peppermint and spearmint

Good for: sipping, special occasions

Interesting fact: During distillation, Maestro Gerardo Peña cuts from the upper hearts resulting in an intense and sublime taste and texture. A one of a kind experience limited to 400 bottles per year. Raicilla is a mezcal that adopted a new name in the 1780’s to avoid a taxes from the Spanish Crown. 

Agave: Maximiliana

Region: Jalisco

Extraction method: milled and hand crushed

Oven type: cooked underground and crushed with a volcanic rock

Fermentation: in a 200 litre oak vat

Still type: stainless Alambic still

ABV: 64%

cooked over black oak in a rock lined above ground oven, milled AND hand crushed, wildly fermented, and distilled twice in steel 

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