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Leyenda Mezcal Vinata Solar Durango 70cl
Leyenda Mezcal Vinata Solar Durango 70cl

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Leyenda Mezcal Vinata Solar Durango 70cl

Mezcal de Leyendas Vinata Solar is made with maguey cenizo (Agave durangensis) by maestro Gerardo Ruelas in Nombre de Dios, Durango. As the name of this release would suggest, this mezcal was made using 100% solar energy for every part of the process, making it the first total solar mezcal that is known in production. The agaves are cooked in a steam-heated oven that is powered by solar panels. They are ground via a solar-powered mechanical grinder and fermented in oak tanks. Finally, the agaves are distilled in a custom solar copper still. At first sight, the golden colour of the bottle may give the impression that this mezcal was aged like a reposado or añejo, but that is not the case. This mezcal is bottled joven.

NOM/Batch: O117X

Aroma: fresh herbal notes

Palate: clean long-lasting candied finish

Maestro Mezcalero: Gerado Ruelas, who looks like a seriosuly nice guy, check out this short video

Interesting fact: Mezcal de Leyendas (previously labelled as Mezcales de Leyenda) believes they can improve some of the most marginalized communities in Mexico. They implement the best fair trade practices where they work, and they have many efforts in agave sustainability. Their mezcals come from the different mezcal-producing states. They also have some special edition, small-batch mezcals.

Maguey (Agave): cenizo (A. Durangensis)

Region: Nombre de Dios, Durango

Litres produced:

Oven type: solar powdered steam-heated oven

Extraction method: solar-powered mechanical shredder

Water source:

Fermentation: oak tanks

Still type: solar-powered copper still called "El Bicho" or little bug

Resting time: joven - unaged, clear and bottle directly out of the still

ABV: 45.9%

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  • Ireland