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Little Box of Classic Mexican Pastes
Little Box of Classic Mexican Pastes

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Little Box of Classic Mexican Pastes

A perfectly formed small box of our 100g jars of 4 classic Mexican concentrated pastes. Although the jar maybe small the flavours inside are big. All our sauces are made by us in small batches.

This box includes:

Mexican Chorizo Paste 100g - A tangy paste that combines Mexican chillies, garlic and spices.

Mexican chorizo is flavoured with dried red chillies, vinegar and spices. Serve fried with potatoes, beans or eggs, in a quesadilla, tacos or a Mexico city speciality the Pambozo.

Mexican Chorizo recipe

Achiote Paste 100g - made with achiote seeds imported from the Yucatan for a rich, earthy flavour and bright red colour.

Dilute the paste with a little lime and orange juice to marinate pork, fish or chicken for pibil dishes. It is also used as a base for other marinades when you want to impart a bright red colour, such as Al Pastor marinade.

Achiote baked fish recipe

Bistec Recado Seasoning Paste 100g - A peppery paste made with black pepper, Mexican oregano and garlic.

Recado de Bistec, another paste from the Yucatan, is mixed with citrus juice to make marinades or is used as a seasoning for stews and escabeches or to marinate fish, meat or veg before barbecuing frying or roasting.

Mole Poblano Paste 100g A rich savoury paste made with fried dried chillies, dried fruit and cacao by hand. It takes a full day to make and we toast spices and fry chillies to for every batch of Mole Poblano. Dilute with stock to make a rich sauce.

Mole Poblano Taco Recipe

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    Made in a factory that handles nuts, peanuts and sesame.