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Mijenta Tequila Blanco 70cl
Mijenta Tequila Blanco 70cl
Mijenta Tequila Blanco 70cl
Mijenta Tequila Blanco 70cl

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Mijenta Tequila Blanco 70cl

Tequila MatchMaker Rating: 88

Review from Eria Boorom: Aroma: Grassy and flowery notes that remind me of Calle 23 Criollo. This is against a backdrop of sweet cooked agave and peppercorns. Taste: Agave, butter and meaty salami notes give this a level of funk that differs from the traditional cheesy, grassy kind you might find in a bottle of Cascahuín Tahona Blanco, or other tequilas that have rested a while after fermentation. The texture is full, creamy, and oily. Finish: Long, with a little more spice from black pepper and baking spices. I love bottles like this one that give you a unique flavour profile while still retaining the qualities of an old-school traditionally made tequila. This is a treat.

Remy Newland: Nose: Impressive ripe, round, rich agave start. A pronounced mineral element. Lime zest and orange blossoms. There’s a little background spice, light pepper and vanilla going on. A great balance of contrasting aromas. Flavours: Slow-cooked caramelized sweet agave and an umami note tempt you to chew this as you sip it. Creeping white pepper keeps the rich agave sweetness in check. A palm sugar vibe. Buttery. Nice mouthfeel. Finish: This has a full, rich, lengthy finish: fading pepper, spice, cinnamon and anise.

Cool Chile: we love the tequila, the pretty label and box and that it was made by Ana a highly respected woman in the tequila industry.

NOM: 1499

Aroma: cooked agave, flowers, lime, vanilla, citrus, black pepper

Palate: cooked agave, black pepper, citrus, melon, butter, and flowers - recommended by Ana to pair with Peruvian-style ceviches.

Maestra Tequilera: Ana Maria Romero, is widely regarded as one of the most trusted, respected, and awarded tequila authorities in Mexico. Ana Maria is on the advisory board of institutions such as the Tequila Regulatory Council and the National Chamber of the Tequila Industry. Ana Maria oversees the entire tequila process for Mijenta from start to finish, and throughout her work, she is strongly committed to minimising environmental impact and promoting biodiversity.

Interesting fact: All of the paper components incorporated [the label and box] are made from recycled materials including agave waste, coffee bean bags made from jute fibre as well as post-consumer recycled paper. Their glass is locally sourced in Guadalajara and, in order to reduce waste and carbon emissions, they purchased excess bottles which had already been designed and produced by the factory and would otherwise have gone to waste. Mijenta works with Climate Care, a company based in Oxford, UK in order to ensure they are carbon neutral.

Region: Los Altos (southern), Jalisco

Age of agave when harvested:

Water Source: deep well

Oven type: autoclave (low pressure)

Extraction method: roller mill

Fermentation: stainless steel tanks, 100% agave, fermentation without fibres, classical music

Still type: copper pot

Ageing: none

ABV: 40% 

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  • Ireland

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