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Neta Destilado de Agave 70cl - Espadín Capón 2020
Neta Destilado de Agave 70cl - Espadín Capón 2020

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Neta Destilado de Agave 70cl - Espadín Capón 2020

NETA is a colloquial word in Mexico that translates to "the real deal" or "the truth". Since 2012, the brand has worked closely with several small, family producers and a cooperative of twelve palenqueros from the southern valleys and hills of Miahuatlán, Oaxaca. The region has preserved its reputation for producing some of the finest mezcales and agave spirits anywhere in Mexico. The team behind NETA presents a carefully curated selection of extraordinary spirits that would otherwise never be found outside of their place of origin.

NOM/Batch: ESPTGC2011 / Nov 2020



Maestro Mezcalero: Tomás Garcia Cruz, was born in 1950, on the same land he and his family proudly maintain today. For more than five generations, the family has been respected as a powerhouse of local production, as well as the keepers of knowledge and expertise in Logoche and the district of Miahuatlán.

This espadín is a wonderful celebration of the family's work and a true reflection of the lands and hands behind the liquid.

Interesting fact: The espadín agaves used in this production were carefully co-planted with maize, beans and squash. This crop-growing system called milpa agriculture is a part of an ancient tradition that persists in many rural communities across Mexico.

Maguey (Agave): espadín capón (Agave angustifolia)

While espadín (agave Angustifolia) may not be endemic to Oaxaca, its relatively quick maturation time, ease of reproduction, and high yield has made it a favourite of growers and distillers in Miahuatlán. However, with little regulation and control on a state or federal level, the region has been left with very few organically grown and mature espadín plants, making a batch of this size and quality something of a rarity these days.

Together with his sons, Nícolas, Juan, and Eliazar, Don Tomás dedicated 50 piñas of 'capón' espadín to the crafting of this November 2020 batch. Due to the fluctuating temperatures in this cooler time of year, experienced palenqueros are aware that their late autumn and winter productions will generally have longer fermentation times than their hot and dry spring-made counterparts, often producing different flavors and a more lifted balance.

Region: Logoche, Miahuatlán, Sierra Sur, Oaxaca

Oven type: conical earthen oven

Extraction method: machete and shredder

Fermentation: native yeasts in Montezuma cypress wood tanks

Water: well water

Still type: copper pot stills

Litres produced: 432

Resting time: n/a

ABV: 49.5%