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Ocho Single Barrel Tequila Anejo
Ocho Single Barrel Tequila Anejo
Ocho Single Barrel Tequila Anejo

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Ocho Single Barrel Tequila Anejo

NOM: 1474

Aroma: green tropical fruits, roasted peppers, white pepper, tropical fruit, herbs

Palate: cocoa, buttery, vegetal and peppery with a clean, sweet-saltiness finish, understated oak

Good for: sipping, special occasions 

Interesting fact: Tequila Ocho takes the terroir of tequila a giant step forward, by producing batches of tequila from single fields (ranchos) much like appellations for wine. It is then aged in one barrel, rather than blending from different barrels, to make the bottles from the single barrel unique from the next barrel. Aged in well used barrels so that the oak is very subtle. Bottled at cask strength, rather than diluting to the normal 40%. 

Region: Rancho La Magueyera, Arandas, Los Altos, Jalisco

Age of agave when harvested: 7 years, harvested 2015

Oven type: brick

Still type: stainless steel - pot

Rested: a little more than 12 months in used American whisky barrels

ABV: 53.8%