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Ocho Tequila Blanco 50cl - La Cañada 2022
Ocho Tequila Blanco 50cl - La Cañada 2022

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Ocho Tequila Blanco 50cl - La Cañada 2022

'Tequila Ocho is made by Carlos Camarena (brother of Felipe), a third-generation Tequilero, and Tomas Estes, tequila legend and global spirits ambassador. Some would say this is the most dynamic and intense partnership in the tequila world, bringing to life decades of experience and deep understanding and respect for the agave plant, with a truly artisanal approach. Ocho designates both the year of production and the precise field from which the agaves are sourced, so each batch takes on different characteristics, making each vintage collectable.

La Cañada (the creek) is located around 12.5 km northeast of Los Alambiques Distillery at 2,115 meters average elevation in between two fields already used for Ocho production in past years (La Latilla on its north side & La Laja on the south), gently sloping towards the south. This piece of land is full of small flat rocks, often used for building fences. Its east border runs alongside a creek (thus the name) which carries water only during the rainy season, with cedar, ash and oak trees at its sides.

Tequila MatchMaker Rating: 87

Cool Chile Rating: offering great quality and value for a house pour, Don Carlos makes his tequila with care and skill, he makes Tapatío too, you can't go wrong with one of his tequilas. We like this blanco for sipping and for long cocktails. Value: £2.40 per 50ml 

NOM: 1474 / Tequilera Los Alambiques

Aroma:  fresh and citric, strawberries, green guavas, rosemary, cooked agave and hints of pepper, very mineral and aromatic

Palate: toasted bread, pink pepper, orange peel, anise, peppermint and rosemary

Maestro Tequilero: Carlos Camareno

Interesting fact: Ocho is the first tequila to designate both the year it was produced and the precise field from which the agave was harvested as is done with fine wines. Each estate, or “rancho” produces a limited amount of agave, each vintage of Ocho is both rare and collectable.

Region: Arandas,Jalisco (Los Altos), single estate

Age of agave when harvested: they harvest the agaves at 7- 10 years when they are overripe and full of sugars and acids for concentrated complex flavours

Oven type: slow cooking in brick ovens

Extraction method: mechanical roller

Fermentation: Fermentation takes place in small (3,000 litre capacity) wooden pine vats made. Proprietary, indigenous, natural yeast is used. The open vats allow airborne yeast and bacteria to freely mix with the must. Fermentation lasts between 4-5 days (96-120 hours), depending on the weather.

Still type: double distilled in steel first and then copper

ABV: 40%

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