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OFFER! was £43.79 Siglo Cero Pox 70cl
OFFER! was £43.79 Siglo Cero Pox 70cl
OFFER! was £43.79 Siglo Cero Pox 70cl

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OFFER! was £43.79 Siglo Cero Pox 70cl

MezcalReviews, Tyler:

'Give this a try! I get lots of blue corn masa and mellow white rum. The wheat notes are like an unaged Weller wheat bourbon. I split a bottle with a friend so mine has been half-empty for a year or more – that might have mellowed it out a bit. I think this could be great in cocktails.'

Siglo Cero Pox (pronounced 'posh' and meaning Zero Century, referring to the year 0, the height of Maya culture) is made from fermented corn (white, red, yellow, and black), sugar cane, and wheat. These ingredients are fermented in wooden casks and double distilled in copper stills. This spirit is produced in the community of San Juan Chamula, Chiapas. In this region, it’s common to chew a coffee bean before taking a sip of Pox.

Aroma: floral and fruity

Flavour: mellow corn tortillas, smoky whisky, overripe fruit, rum-esque

ABV: 40%

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  • Ireland

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  • Serving Suggestion

    Try it in horchata with pecans and melon

    50ml Siglo Cero Pox

    100ml rice milk, chilled

    2-3 tsp Cafe de la Olla Syrup (or to taste)

    5 pecans roughly chopped

    50g of RIPE cantaloupe melon, in cubes


    ground cinnamon for sprinkling

    In a jug suitable for a stick blender add all the ingredients except the ice and ground cinnamon, blend until smooth. Fill a collins glass with ice, pour the drink on top and garnish with a dusting of cinnamon.