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Onó Sotol 70cl
Onó Sotol 70cl

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Onó Sotol 70cl

Sotol is made from Dasylirion Wheeleri, a desert spoon, which is not from the agave family but is the same family as Asparagaceae. There are about 15 different species which all have their own characteristics and their flavours hugely affected by the ground it is grown on. Daisylirion grows all over Mexico but Sotol has its own Denomination of Origin so can only be produced in Chihuahua, Coahuila and Durango. 

NOM: 159-SCFI-2004

Aroma: fresh asparagus and apple

Palate: crisp, fruity guava, spicy pepper, earthy, complexity continues into a lingering end of spices and minerality

Maestro Sotolero: Gerardo Ruelas

Interesting fact:

Plant: 100% Dasylirion Cedrosanum

Region: Chihuahua Aldama

Oven type: earthen pit

Extraction method: by hand, ax

Fermentation: natural

Still type: copper pot, double-distilled

ABV: 45%