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Papadiablo Especial Mezcal
Papadiablo Especial Mezcal
Papadiablo Especial Mezcal

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Papadiablo Especial Mezcal


Aroma: pungent veg, wet cement, agave, salty

Palate: slight sweetness, gently salty, rich tropical fruit, sweet peaty notes

Good for: sipping, smoky

Interesting fact: ensamble is the art of mixing the different types of agave piñas together before cooking, rather than mixing distilled single agave spirits together

Region: Miahuatlan highlands, Oaxaca

Agave: Bicuishe, Espadín, Madre- Cuiche, Mexicano (style ensamble)

Oven type: stone underground pit

Extraction method: hand chopped and mashed

Fermentation: naturally with wild yeasts

Still type: copper - pot

ABV: 47.5%