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Pensador Mezcal  50cl
Pensador Mezcal  50cl
Pensador Mezcal  50cl

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Pensador Mezcal 50cl

NOM: O492X

Nose: Pine, cacao, hay, and gentle smoke

Palate: Roasted apricot, black pepper, and a mineral-rich earthiness supported by citrus and grape.

Finish: Sweet oak, lingering smoke and chocolate milk

Good for: sipping, special occasions

Interesting fact: Atenogenes and José’s approach to cooking, fermentation, and distillation is slow and inefficient, each batch taking over 2 months from field to bottle. 

Agave: Espadin, (8-12 years old) and Madrecuishe, (11-15 years old)

Region: Miahuatlan, Southern Oaxaca

Oven type: roasted in conical pit oven lined with large stones, known as a horno

Extraction method: tahona wheel

Fermentation: Wild yeast natural fermentation in open top wooden vats

Still type: fire powered 200 litre copper alembic (pot still)

ABV: 48.%

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