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QuiQuiRiQui Matatlan Mezcal
QuiQuiRiQui Matatlan Mezcal
QuiQuiRiQui Matatlan Mezcal

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QuiQuiRiQui Matatlan Mezcal



Palate: smoky, sweet, earthy notes and a peppery finish

Good for: mixing, glugging and sipping

Interesting fact: London’s most dedicated Mezcal enthusiasts, Thea Cumming and Melanie Symonds, are the founders of Danergous Dan and Quiquiriqui Mezcales. Melanie and Thea have been working on promoting the mezcal category here in the UK and are committed to working closely with smaller producers.

Region: Santiago, Matatlan

Agave: Espadín

Oven type: stone underground pits

Extraction method: Tahona wheel

Fermentation: oak vats with wild yeasts

Still type: copper - pot

ABV: 45%

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