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Raicilla - La Venenosa Puntas Raicilla 70cl
Raicilla - La Venenosa Puntas Raicilla 70cl
Raicilla - La Venenosa Puntas Raicilla 70cl

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Raicilla - La Venenosa Puntas Raicilla 70cl

Raicilla, like tequila and mezcal, is made from the agave plant, it is roasted like mezcal, not steamed like tequila. It can be made from a variety of agave varieties just like mezcal but is made in Jalisco which is not an official area where mezcal can be produced! It's origin hail from humble farmers who wanted to make and enjoy mezcal but avoid the heavy taxes, so they claimed it was made from the root of the agave rather than the heart hence the name Raicilla which means 'little root'. Rebellious indeed!

La Venenosa Puntas is the best tasting Raicilla we have tried, floral, complicated and delicious.


Aroma: apple and pears, floral notes with vanilla and warm spices

Palate: kiwi and stone fruit, spearmint, slightly citrus aftertaste, almost no smoke, buzzy from the high alcohol content

Good for: sipping, special occasions, great talking point as this is different!

Interesting fact: During distillation, Maestro Gerardo Peña cuts from the upper hearts resulting in an intense and sublime taste and texture as well as the double distilling that makes the flavours compact and distinct. A one of a kind experience limited to 400 bottles per year. 

Agave: Maximiliana

Region: Jalisco

Extraction method: milled and hand crushed with volcanic rock

Oven type: cooked underground over black oak

Fermentation: wild fermentation, in a 200-litre oak vats

Still type: stainless - pot, double distilled (normally it is single distilled, so this is extra smooth)

ABV: 64% High!

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