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Round Comal
Round Comal
Round Comal
Round Comal

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Round Comal

Perfect for toasting tortillas and charring vegetables for salsas.

Made of carbon steel with a metal handle. Use on fire, gas, electric or induction.

Flat cooking surface 25cm. External dimensions 33cm diameter with handle.

Your comal will come with instructions on how to season it before use. 

  • Product Origin

  • Storage and Preparation

    Preparation and care:

    Wash your new carbon steel comal with warm soapy water upon receipt, dry thoroughly. Warm the oven to 90-100oC, put the comal in the oven and allow to warm up. Remove from the oven and apply a thin film of cooking oil (not olive oil, some say flax oil is best) all over the pan: top, bottom and edges. Then buff the oil away with a piece of paper towel, there just needs to be a microscopic layer to season the comal. Turn the oven up to 230oC and place the comal back in. Keep the pan in there for 2 hours. Then turn off the oven and allow the pan to cool in the oven (most important) for 2 hours until completely cool. There should be a nice sheen to the comal now and it will be non stick. Do not wash with soap and water, but wipe out with a damp cloth after use.