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Santa Fe Grande Chilli Seeds
Santa Fe Grande Chilli Seeds
Santa Fe Grande Chilli Seeds

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Santa Fe Grande Chilli Seeds

From our good friends Joy and Michael Michaud at Sea Spring Seeds, the fresh chilli experts.

Capsicum annuum

An oldie but a goodie, this American, vegetable type chilli has been around for years. But don’t let its age fool you: it can still compete with the newer varieties of chilli on both earliness and yield. The medium-hot, cone-shaped fruit are about 3 x 6.5cm in size and turn from yellow to orange and then red as they mature. They are thick-fleshed and can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen. 

The plants grow into medium-sized, tidy bushes that are suitable for smaller greenhouses and tunnels – just be sure to grow them in pots at least 5 litres in size.

Heat level: medium (approx. 5,500 SHU)

Approximate number of seeds per pack: 20

Sow Feb - Mar

Cool Chile Recommends: called 'gueros' in Mexico, meaning blondies, these are a great spicy vegetable type of chilli, good to stuff, fry, pickled and more, tasty and thick fleshed. Easy to grow which is great as they are hard to find. 

Cooking info: Santa Fe Grande is as versatile as it is good looking, and cooks with a creative flair will certainly find a place for it in their kitchens. Put a few of the yellow fruit in a pico de gallo salsa along with some green jalapeños for a quirky mix of colours. Or, scramble the chopped chillies with eggs, courgettes and garlic, stir in a bit of fish sauce and sugar, and top with coriander leaves for a real, flavour-packed breakfast. Likewise, slice them in half lengthwise and use the halves for dipping into guacamole and salsas.

For sale in the UK only, excluding Northern Ireland.

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