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Seed Packet: Chile Cascabel Seeds 5g
Seed Packet: Chile Cascabel Seeds 5g

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Seed Packet: Chile Cascabel Seeds 5g

February is the month for sowing chilli seeds, they need a long growing season to ripen, so this is the month to get them going.

This year we are offering these seeds for free when you order during the month of Feb. Of course you may want to save the seed from the chillies you have from us already and sow those, but if there is a variety of seed you don't have this is a good opportunity to get some.

As you can imagine we have lots of chilli seeds left over. Last year we sowed a range of seeds from our seediest, dried chillies and they germinated! These seeds are not designed for sowing, so germination rate will be erratic, which is why we will send out quite a few seeds, just sow the lot and see what happens, it is worth a go!

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  • Storage and Preparation

    Sow Feb-Mar. Sow in small post. Just cover with scattering of compost. Cover with glass or cling film, keep at 20-25oC. Seeds take 14-21 days to germinate, but can take longer. Pot on when seedlings have 2 true leaves. Keep potting on as they grow. Plant out after hardening off when night temps are >12oC which could be June. Can be treated as a perennial and brought in over winter.

    Disclaimer: these seeds are not commercially produced for sowing, therefore germination will be erratic, please accept the spirit in which these are being offered.

    Store seeds is a cool dry dark place.

  • Really Cool Chile Fact

    Cascabel chillies are so beautiful, round, glossy and not normally found fresh. They are thick fleshed and might be good pickled!

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