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Sol Tarasco Rum – Extra Aged 70cl
Sol Tarasco Rum – Extra Aged 70cl
Sol Tarasco Rum – Extra Aged 70cl

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Sol Tarasco Rum – Extra Aged 70cl

Inspired in the knowledge and tradition of the Purepecha culture, it is a blend of distilled sugar cane virgin honey, its handcrafted production process is dated approximately 300 years old before the Spanish Conquest. Its sale and consumption were prohibited. The processes in which Sol Tarasco is produced respects the ancient Purepecha distillers in Michoacan, Mexico.

We select only sugar cane cultivated over 1300 meters above sea level for this process. The Master Blender obtains this ancient spirit known as “Guarapo” through a slow distillation process. The Master Blender selects the barrels aged 24 an until 36 months to obtain this handcraft distilled aged in height.
Guarapo, the first sugar cane distilled of Ancient Mexico.

Appellation of Origin: Charanda

Sommelier Notes

  • Colour: Dark mahogany colour with copper-colour shades.
  • Aroma: Smells of honey hive, orange, vanilla and cinnamon, very intense nose, clean without fault.
  • Palate: Full mouth, velvety and neat aftertaste.

  • Serving Suggestion

    Sol Tarasco – Extra Aged is ideal for sipping but also works a treat in the cocktail Red Forest


    • Cinnamon Reduction 60 ml
    • Sol Tarasco Extra aged 45 ml
    • Brown sugar 1 tsp
    • Raspberries 4
    • Blackberries 4
    • Lemon(juice) 1/2


    • Blackberry 1
    • Raspberry 1
    • Lemonade wedge 

    Cinnamon Reduction

    • Water 1 litre
    • Sugar 500 grams
    • Cinnamon 150 grams

    Add all ingredients in a saucepan and boil for 5 minutes. The consistency must be between liquid and syrup.


    • In an old fashioned glass, muddle raspberries, blackberries, and sugar until the juices are released from the berries, leaving some pieces of the fruit intact.
    • Add cinnamon reduction, Charanda Sol Tarasco and stir to combine.
    • Fill glass with ice and squeeze in half lemon and stir again.
    • Garnish with raspberries, strawberries and lemon wedge.

    Serve immediately