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Vago Elote (Toasted Corn) Aquilino Mezcal 70cl
Vago Elote (Toasted Corn) Aquilino Mezcal 70cl

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Vago Elote (Toasted Corn) Aquilino Mezcal 70cl

Corn! It tastes of toasted corn! How cool is that.

An artisanal mezcal from Vago, made by mezcalero Aquilino Garcia Lopez with 100% espadin agave. Once the agave has been distilled it is infused with toasted corn, creating soft, sweet cereal notes alongside smoky agave on the palate.

NOM: 0188x


Palate: strong, as the alcohol is high, notes of roasted corn, hazelnut, caramelized cane sugar, toasted wood and an oily nuttiness, alongside underripe banana, papaya, swirls of smoke, with a refreshing finish of mint leaves and tropical fruit.

Good for: sipping on special occasions 

Interesting fact: This is a triple distilled mezcal. Between the second and third distillations, Aquilino Garcia Lopez adds roasted corn from his farm. The roasted corn taste shines through to the finish.

Agave: espadín

Region: Oaxaca

Oven type: earthen pit

Extraction method: tahona wheel

Fermentation: natural fermentation in wooden tanks

Still type: copper

ABV: 50%

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