Start wrapping and rolling ‘cause February 2nd is Candlemas Day.....

.....which means it is a time for tamales!

In Mexico Candlemas Day is a follow-up to the festivities of Kings Day on January 6th, when children receive gifts and families and friends gather together to eat Rosca de Reyes, a special sweet bread with a tiny doll baked inside. The bread is sliced and the person who receives the piece with the doll are supposed to host a party on Candlemas Day. 

Tamales are the food of choice and what choice there is! Sweet, savoury, traditional or modern, tamales are a great food to get creative with. It is a great time of year to get in the kitchen with friends and have a tamal making party or if you prefer a quite couple of hours by yourself, wrapping and folding whilst listening to music, either way the outcome is delicious.

Our creative juice have been flowing and we have devised a new recipe for a sweet tamal: Poppy Seed and Lemon, not traditional but perfect for this time of year with a hot coffee or tea, perhaps an aged tequila on the side.

So no masa-ing about! Get started! We have discounted our Tamal Kit from now until January 30th 2015. Tamales can be made ahead of time and frozen, just resteam to serve, perfect for a gathering of friends and family.



Dodie & Cool Chile Team 

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