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Chipotle in Adobo

From £4.00

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Chipotle Mayonnaise

150g £3.80

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Ranchero Sauce

260g £4.00

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Tomatillo Sauce

260g £4.00

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Special: Chile Mulato 12cm x 20

300g £3.00

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Trade Soft White Corn Tortillas 6cm

1KG £4.30

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Trade Soft Blue Corn Tortillas 6cm

1KG £4.75

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Trade Frying Blue Corn Tortillas 6cm

1 KG £4.85

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Trade Frying White Corn Tortillas 6cm

1kg £4.65

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Store cupboard


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The Complete Mexican Condiment Gift Box


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Agave Worm Salt (Sal de Gusano)

50g £2.95

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We are sorry but this item is currently out of stock.