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  • What is a Tortilla?
  • How do you make them?
  • How can I use them?
  • When can I buy them?

What is a Tortilla?

Tortillas are the plate, spoon and napkin of Mexican food. Even just a little salt on a tortilla is a joy to eat, let alone an array of toppings that can adorn these delicious disks of toasty corn. 

Our tortillas are made daily from Mexican masa harina which is ground, dried nixtamalised corn kernels. We make up small batches of dough throughout the day to keep our tortillas as fresh as possible. Masa Harina flour is reconstituted with water to make our soft dough, which is then pressed through rollers, cut into disks and pre-cooked by gas flame.

How do you make them?

Have a look at our machine ‘El Monstuo’ producing toasty, wholesome corn tortillas; all that is missing is the wonderful smell that wafts off of the comals. Cool Chile tortillas can be brought in various formats.

How can I use them?

Firstly we have blue and white soft corn tortillas which when warmed, these tortillas can be used to make great soft tacos, quesadillas and enchiladas or simply as an accompaniment to meals. 

We also have frying white tortillas which you can cut into triangles for totopos, leave whole for tostadas or roll for flautas. These tortillas are thinner to make a crispier fried or baked dish. Tortillas can be purchased on the website in either retail or 1 kilo bags. Our preservative, gluten & GM free corn tortillas are made to order by our great in-house tortilla team.

For the adventurous chef, we provide all the ingredients and equipment to make your own tortillas. The Tortilla making gift box comes with the ingredients, recipe and press for making this Mexican favourite! Which you can pop into an authentic Tortillero, a large basket for keeping your Tortilla warm. Just wrap warmed tortillas in a clean cloth, place in the basket with the lid and take to the table for people to help themselves, like a bread basket.

When can I buy them?

We have been producing premier corn tortillas for over 10 years so we are well equipped for “the year of the taco” which is happening in 2016, according to The Restaurant magazine

Cool Chile are always busy making tortillas for our website orders, however we have more strings to our bow and produce tortillas for:

  • Retailers, restaurants, street food trucks & amateur cooks across London, the UK and Europe. 
  • Our giant tortilla machine El Monstruo can handle anything. Even bespoke made-to-order tortillas for restaurants. 

For more information please about our corn tortillas, chillies, sauces, pastes, chocolate please contact us.

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