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Carnitas Tacos


12 Tacos



Carnitas, literally meaning "little meats" originated in the state of Michoacán. Carnitas is traditionally braised or simmered in its fat; here we cover the meat until liquid runs dry and the pork starts to cook it is own fat. The pork is tucked into warm corn tortillas and topped with white onion, coriander, a squeeze of lime and a roasted green jalapeno emulsion - this is a thing of beauty!


Making the carnitas

  1. If there is skin on the shoulder, remove that and any major lumps of fat, some fat is good so don’t over trim.
  2. Cut the meat into 4cm cubes.
  3. Place them in a wide saucepan and cover with water by 1 cm.
  4. Add the lime juice and salt.
  5. Partially cover and bring to a simmer over medium heat, let simmer until the liquid has simmered away and it begins to fry in the remaining fat. This should take approx — 3 hours with a similar amount of meat.
  6. Then reduce the heat and remove the cover, stir the meat until browned and crisp in places.
  7. Remove any big lumps of fat or gristle that present themselves.
  8. Taste and season, it should be just right and very delicious.

Making the Tacos

  1. Griddle the tortillas on both sides until warm and browned in places but still soft, place them in the Tortilla Warmer as you go, stacking them inside.
  2. Place approx, 50g of carnitas into each tortilla
  3. Garnish with diced white onion, coriander, lime, and Roasted Green Jalapeno Emulsion