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Chicharrón de Queso



Cooks In

Less than 15 minutes



These paper-thin rolls of toasted cheese aren’t just pretty – they’re also simple to make and delicious served with your favourite salsa or guacamole.


  1. Add oil to a non-stick frying pan (blot any excess away with paper towel) and heat over a medium heat.
  2. When hot, sprinkle the grated cheese in a rectangular shape over the pan. Let the cheese melt and bubble and turn a golden colour.
  3. When the cheese begins to look like lace, use a spatula to remove it from the pan in one piece, and lay over a rolling pin or bottle to gently form the roll – as it cools it will crisp up.
  4. Serve with your choice of salsa or dip by breaking off pieces and dipping.