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Mexican Hot Chocolate


1 Cup

Cooks In

Less than 15 minutes

Cool Chile Hot Chocolate are made with Mexican beans called the Tabasqueño bean which are grown in the Selva Zoque in the south. These beans are a wild hybrid of the Criollo bean originating from ancient times and the more modern amelonado bean. The beans are stone ground with cane sugar and spices to make two styles: Oaxaca Hot Chocolate and Maya Hot Chocolate.


  1. Heat the milk in a saucepan over medium heat, stir in the Hot Chocolate of your choice.
  2. Stir until melted, until warm.
  3. Add the chocolate and stir to melt, then continue heating until hot but not boiling, whisk until frothy just before pouring.

For a rich hot chocolate made with water: heat 125ml of water, add 4 tbsp of whisk until melted and hot.