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The Whole Package

The Whole Package

The Whole Package

Having been the UK’s leading supplier and manufacturer of Mexican food products since the early 90s (saying that makes us feel a bit old), we know that sometimes it’s good to have a makeover. And introducing a brand new range of products, from easy-to-use brunch sauces to chipotle mayonnaise, seemed like the perfect opportunity to refresh our brand and packaging.

When you go food shopping, you probably don’t want to linger in the aisles for too long – you tend to know what you’re looking for and try to grab it quickly. While ambling around the market on the weekend is something to savour, we know that most days it's a different story. That's why it was important to us that we keep the modern, graphic style that our customers recognise and that has become synonymous with the Cool Chile Company.

Our new packaging retains that graphic feel, but with a fresh, distinctive edge. The C-shaped logo is still based around an Aztec snake and is at the centre of the products, but in a range of bright colours that jump off the shelves and screen. Thanks to our friends at Bless Design, it’s a clean, bold look that’s different from anything else out there.

We’d love to see your pictures of our new products out in the world and if you follow any of our recipe suggestions, we’d love to know about that too!

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