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Chicken panuchos with pickled pink onions


Makes 10


a little effort

Panuchos are regional Yucatecan snacks. Handmade small tortillas are cooked, then split and filled with refried black beans. These are then fried, before being topped with lettuce and various other ingredients. The crispy fried tortilla contrasts nicely with the cooling lettuce and sour pickled onions. Add a splash of habanero hot sauce if you want to sweat!


  1. Make homemade tortillas using 15g balls of masa. When the tortilla puffs, split with a knife to make a pocket – as you would with pitta bread. Once split, allow to cool before adding a teaspoon of black bean refry to each tortilla. Close and press together gently until the refry spreads to the edges. 
  2. Heat the oil in a pan. Fry the bottom of the filled tortilla until crisp, then drain on kitchen towels. Put the fried filled tortillas (panuchos) in a low oven to keep warm while you make more.
  3. Place a panucho (or tostada spread with refry) on a plate, then top with lettuce, shredded chicken, a sprinkling of salt and garnish with spicy pickled pink onions. Habanero Hot Sauce optional