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Green Pozole


4 people

Cooks In

2 hours



This recipe uses the left overs from a duck, the fattiness replicating the traditional pork very nicely, however you can make this recipe with chicken or turkey leftovers too. In fact you don't need any meat at all, it is great with a good vegetable stock and enriched by toasted pumpkin seed paste. The garnishes are inspired by El Pozole de Moctezuma a famous pozoleria in Mexico City, where they add raw egg yolk, sardines and mezcal to your bowl. This recipe is made easier with a pressure cooker.


In a pressure cooker add all of the broth ingredients, cover with water by 1cm and cook on full pressure for 20 minutes, release naturally. Strain the broth into a bowl and discard solids. 

If making a vegan pozole, make a vegetable stock either from cube or the pressure cooker makes great vegetable broth.

If using tinned maize for pozole, pour the broth back into the pressure cooked and add the maize, pressure cook for 10 minutes, release naturally. 

If using dried Maize for Pozole, add all the ingredients for the maize to the empty pressure. Pressure cook on full pressure for 35-40 minutes, release naturally. Check to see if the maize is done by biting one, there should be no chalkiness, if not reseal and cook for a further 10 minutes. When cooked add the broth to the maize. 

Add any left over gravy or a stock cube if you want to bump up the flavour. Then let simmer on the stove for 30 minutes or so to get tasty. Season with salt.

To make the Pumpkin Seed and Tomatillo Paste, toast the pumpkin seeds until nutty and hopping around the pan, then cool and grind in a spice grinder or blender. Blend with the tomatillos, chillies and herb of your choice, add the paste to the pozole towards the end of the cooking. Season.

Prepare your garnishes and put on the table for people to add to their bowl of pozole as they like. Enjoy.